Purling Bold Chess Set Metallic Black & Arctic Shadow with Maple Board



Purling Bold Chess Set Metallic Black & Arctic Shadow with Maple Board

Bold Chess Metallic Black & Arctic Shadow pieces with Maple Frameless Board, unite both the classic and contemporary, incorporating vibrant hand-carved Staunton pieces.

Our luxury hardwood pieces are produced to a high standard and coated with 2 layers of base-coat primer, painted with 2 coats of high-gloss paint and finished with 2 coats of lacquer, to produce a deep glossy and durable finish for added protection. Each piece has a beautiful Italian Nappa Leather felt with the Purling logo embossed in 18 carat gold on the base. Each set includes 4 Queens, for effortless Pawn promotion. Presented in Purling branded premium packaging. 

Bold Chess pieces are painted and finished in London, England and are also available in our signature colours.



  • Height - 10cm
  • Width - 50cm
  • Length - 50cm
  • Weight - 5kg


Between 5.1cm and 10.1cm


34 hand-carved, triple-weighted, boxwood pieces


Classic maple wood chess board measuring 45x45cm


Italian Nappa leather felt with 18 carat gold embossed with Purling logo


Luxury Purling box

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