Roman's Lab 10: Greatest Games of Chess Ever Played - Part 1



Romans Lab Vol 10 - Greatest Games of Chess ever Played - Part 1
Positional and Tactical Masterpieces

Romans lab presents volumes 10 and 11 - The Greatest Games of Chess - Positional and Tactical Masterpieces. Roman selects and analyses 13 of the greatest games ever played by the top world-class players. The Criteria for selection of these positional and tactical masterpieces was a high level of resistance for both sides and how the game contributed to the history of chess.

In part 1:

1. Botvinnik - Capablanca (23:41)
2. Kavalek - Kasparov (19:13)
3. Short - Timman (18:31)
4. Karpov -Kasparov (20:43)
5. Karpov - Kasparov (12:51)
6. Fischer - Reshevsky (6:59) 

Running time: over 2 hours

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