2000 Chess Exercises Part 1: Pin, Double Attack - Kostrov & Beliavsky



2000 Chess Exercises Part 1: Pin, Double Attack by Kostrov & Beliavsky

Vsevolod Kostrov is a chess coach of the highest category. Author of more than 100 books and manuals on chess. Educational and methodical complex Kostrova (textbooks for children, reshebniki, workbooks) publishing house "Russian Chess HOUSE" became the Winner of the contest "Chess universal Education of Russia". These are the best chess books for children in our country today!

According to textbooks and problem books Kostrova engaged in a huge number young chess players who then win various tournaments, they become masters and grandmasters.

Part I: 2000 Chess Exercises. Pin, Double Attack Tutorial.
Pin, Double Attack 1-2 rank, 1700-2000 Elo. This collection of chess tasks and combinations is the continuation of the series "theatre company". You have matured, so and tasks have become harder. This collection presents two themes: Pin, Double Attack. A rare chess game does without these tactics. Both the Pin, Double Attack can be met in the early debut and in the deep endgame. Any piece, even a king and a pawn, can strike twice. But especially dangerous are the Queen and the horse, which can "work" in eight directions at once! And how difficult it is sometimes to get rid of the ligament, which you are ready to inflict elephants and rooks of the enemy. We hope that our book will help you turn these dangerous techniques into their good allies.

ISBN: 9785946936927, Softcover, 111 pages, Russian Chess House

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