Double Fianchetto: The Modern Chess Lifestyle - Daniel Hausrath



Double Fianchetto: The Modern Chess Lifestyle by Daniel Hausrath

The main purpose of this book is to explain the structures that can result from double fianchettoed positions. The reader will find five chapters with structures from the white side and six chapters with structures from the black side. The last chapter is a mixed one, with games from both sides.

The main — and longest — part will be the first chapter, with games and analyses of Daniel's own main weapon starting with Nf3, g3 and b3 against the King’s Indian and Grünfeld. Hausrath will show the reader a few games of his own and also games from Kramnik and Andersson, two of his favourite players.

Daniel has played these structures for nearly 25 years and one of his sons also now starts with 1.Nf3.

ISBN 9789492510754, Paperback, 282 pages, Thinkers Publishing


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