The Life and Games of Carlos Torre - Velasco & Kingston

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The Life and Games of Carlos Torre by Gabriel Velasco & Taylor Kingston
Second revised and extended edition

More accurate and extensive annotations using ChessBase and Stockfish 14. Torre’s own annotations to several games have been unearthed and added. Added games to give a more rounded view of Torre. Also the six games between players other than Torre that he annotated for the Mexican Championship tournament book. Many more diagrams and photographs. Also more thumbnail bios of Torre’s opponents. More ancillary material about Torre’s life and career: newspaper articles, pictures, anecdotes, interesting facts, opinions, trivia etc.

A 1927 interview with Torre, published in the Yucatán magazine Anahuac. Excerpts from 64 Variaciones Sobre un Tema de Torre by Germán de la Cruz. Columns and articles from newspapers in Torre’s home town of Mérida. “A Clash of Opposites,” comparing and contrasting Torre with the notorious Norman Tweed Whitaker. The full text of Torre’s 1926 booklet Development of Chess Ability. A review of Torre x Torre, a fascinating documentary film. A more extensive, more fully informed overall assessment of Torre as a player.

Paperback or Hardback, 588 pages, Thinkers Publishing


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