Chess Challenge Cards



The Cool Thinkers have released a new game to be played alongside chess and it is the first of its kind! Chess Challenge Cards!

  • A fun game for players of all abilities
  • An engaging tool for chess coaches to use with students
  • An effective resource to develop strategic thought and focus
  • A practical way to learn and demonstrate chess tactics

How to use the Chess Challenge Cards
Chess Challenge Cards are organised into 3 levels; easy, medium, and hard. 15 cards of each level and 1 How to Play card with full instructions on the reverse. 

Pick a challenge card at random which best suits your ability (easy, medium or hard). To prevent your opponent from knowing your strategy, try not to reveal your card until you have completed your task. Set a timer of 15 minutes (optional) to make things even more interesting. The first person to complete their challenge card wins the game!

Challenge cards come in a variety of tasks such as general (piece capture), perfoming tactics, and point collection. Players are to perform exactly as the card states, to win. For example, ''Collect a total of 19 points to win the game!'' Players need to achieve the exact amount, not above, therefore need to be strategic in the pieces they capture in order to achieve the required amount. 

  • 46 standard sized cards (63.5mm x 88.8mm)
  • 320gsm linen playing card stock, UV coated finish
  • Die cut to size with rounded corners 
  • Age suitability: 5 years + 
  • For 2 players

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