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"I really like doing puzzles. I have done a lot of puzzles and my rating is going up! I also like the videos, especially from Fun Master Mike. I've seen almost every one. I'm really enjoying playing chess with my friends on ChessKid."

- Lucas

"More than a few of my students have shocked their teammates by suddenly moving from the bottom of the ladder to the top! I credit ChessKid for making chess so fun that they want to keep watching videos, solving puzzles, and playing games!"

- Coach Jay Stallings



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Frequently Asked Questions



By Kids

What features do I get with Gold?

With a Gold Membership you will get unlimited Puzzles (Basic Members only get 3 / day), unlimited Puzzle Duel, full access to over 800+ Videos, our complete library of Lessons, unlimited Training Tools and more!

Can I play more as a Gold Member?

Yes! Gold Members can play in unlimited tournaments and practice more positions against the Computer. Climb the tournament leaderboards on ChessKid.com with unlimited, premium tournament access!

By Parents

How does ChessKid keep my child safe?

ChessKid.com takes multiple steps to keep your child safe: There are no public forums or social networking, we limit all user generated content, and make sure your child is only making friends with people he/she actually knows. In addition, we allow parents uncompromising control and access to their child's activities on our site - allowing you to monitor every move (on and off the chess board) your child makes on our site!

Do I get a Gold Membership when I upgrade my child?

Yes, of course! Every guardian (parent or coach) account gets a Gold Membership included with their purchase of Gold access for their children!

Can I add my kids after I upgrade my account today?

Yes, you can add and upgrade more kids whenever you like. From the "Manage Kids" page, you can add more Gold, and also enable or disable existing Gold memberships among individual kids. Click here to learn more!

By Coaches and Administrators

Do coaches and programs get discounts on memberships?

Yes, they do! Click "Add More Kids" above until you reach the desired amount of memberships. You'll notice even our advertised discounts are as large as 90% off the 1 Gold purchase price. Email sales@chesskid.com to ask about a Site License.

What features do I get as a coach / program director?

Depending on the number of Gold Memberships purchased, coaches of large programs have more guardianship controls, more Club management features, and the ability to create an unlimited number of Clubs!

How does ChessKid motivate my students to want to play and learn more?

Learning and playing has never been as much fun as it is on ChessKid! Our videos are designed to offer short, entertaining lectures that dovetail with your "in-class" lessons! Playing games in Fast Chess at home keeps kids focused outside of the classroom! There are so many ways that ChessKid will help your program grow!