10 Sharp Opening lines to become a Blitz Wizard - GM Marian Petrov



10 Sharp Opening lines to become a Blitz Wizard with GM Marian Petrov

10 Sharp Opening lines to become a Blitz Wizard is the perfect guide to revamp your repertoire of Blitz openings. It include a course guide, 10 videos, an interactive training session in our Learning Center, 30 puzzles and 10 annotated games.

In this brand new course, 10 Sharp Opening lines to become a Blitz Wizard, GM Marian Petrov gives you a complete set of sharp openings particularly well-suited for Blitz play. 

10 sharp opening lines you can use to get your Blitz to the next level! There are two primary plans suggested: to play openings that are sharp and unusual; forcing your opponent to spend valuable time which can have a significant impact in Blitz time controls. 
The other strategy is to play a safe universal line, where you can play 10-15 moves very quickly, which will save you time for the rest of the game.

GM Petrov suggests you use his 10 sharp opening lines repeatedly to help you gain experience, and this will allow you to play faster and understand the opening and even the middlegame ideas better.   

Here is what's inside:

Sharp Opening lines for White

  1. Danish Gambit and Center Game

  2. King’s Gambit

  3. Smith-Morra Gambit

  4. Advance French

  5. Playing against the Pirc

Sharp Opening lines for Black

  1. The Latvian Gambit

  2. The Traxler counter-attack

  3. The Scandinavian Defense

  4. A rare line in the Sicilian Defense

  5. A rare line in the Slav Defense

That's 10 videos in total with more than 5 hours of video instruction.


An interactive training session in ICC's Learning Center based on the course material.

Challenging Puzzles: 30 puzzles in pgn format for you to practice and sharpen your skills, plus 10 annotated games.

FREE BONUS #1: A full course guide, CLICK HERE.

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