25 Ways to Take More Tricks as Declarer - Seagram & Bird



25 Ways to Take More Tricks as Declarer - Seagram & Bird

Paperback, 192 pages

Take more tricks whenever you play the hand! Isn't that what being a good declarer is all about? However good or bad partner's bidding may be, once the dummy comes down, it's up to you, the declarer, to make the best of it. And in this book, in 25 easy steps, you'll learn how.

Join master bridge teachers Barbara Seagram and David Bird as they first show you the basic building blocks: finesses, hold-up plays, establishing a suit, making extra tricks with ruffs, and setting up discards. Then move on to learning how to make a plan at the start of each hand, how to count the opponents' hands and then use that information, and how to keep a dangerous opponent from getting the lead. Finally you'll be ready for more advanced techniques that you may think are beyond you: safety plays, dummy reversals, eliminations and throw-ins.

Loaded with good, easy-to-understand advice, along with chapter-end quizzes, key-point summaries and a glossary of technical bridge terms, this book is sure to help you become a better declarer, and a popular partner.

ISBN: 978-1-894154-47-5, Master Point Press

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