50 Game Chess Scorebook - Ringbound

Colour: Light Blue


50 Game Chess Scorebook - Ringbound

The quality Chess Scorebook is an excellent scorebook for use in tournaments, clubs, informal games, or for studying chess. The score sheet pages are run on a press and are much higher quality than other chess scorebooks that have photocopied pages. Each score book page has a place to record information about the players, the events, the game, the round, the chess tournament, ratings, and more. Each scorebook holds 50 chess games and is spiral bound for easy access to your games and so you won't lose them. They also have a cardstock cover and back page for durability and protection. Each page holds 100 moves per sheet and has a blank diagram for special or adjourned positions. The spaces on the pages are 1/4" to provide ample writing space for old or young hands.
  • Each book holds 50 games
  • Each sheet has room for 100 moves and a diagram
  • The pages have 1/4" lines to make for easy writing
  • Cardstock cover and spiral bound
  • The book is 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
  • Available in LIGHT BLUE and BROWN

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Customer Reviews

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Stuart McKinney
Ring-bound Scorebook

I like this type of scorebook as it takes up little room when recording moves.
It has space for 100 moves so you will rarely have to ask for an overflow scoresheet. The position board is a little small but to have this larger would mean compromising on the number of moves so no real problem. Having played chess for many years I remember when they had these for 100 games rather than the 50 they have now. It would be nice to have a 100 option but for the product itself it's perfect for what it's for.

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