Attacking 1...d5 Volume 2 - Kiril Georgiev



Attacking 1...d5 Volume 2 by Kiril Georgiev

This book considers a gambit treatment of the Slav and the Semi-Slav. White offers the c4-pawn in order to get a space advantage and a long-term initiative. The author’s idea is to throw 1...d5 players off their comfort zone by dragging them into sharp unbalanced positions. If you are fed up with all the mainstream Slav/Meran theory out-there, this book will offer you new refreshing approaches for both sides.

This volume covers the Ragozin, the Chebanenko, the Vienna, the Hennig-Schara Gambit, theTarrasch, 1.c4 e6 2.Nc3 d5 3.d4 a6 and 3...Bb4.

Grandmaster Kiril Georgiev has been one of the strongest Bulgarian players for many years. He was a Junior World Champion and a bronze medalist in Europe. He has played in 15 Olympiads and also coached Bulgarian national team. His peak rating was in the world's top ten. Kiril wrote the books The Sharpest Sicilian, Squeezing the Gambits, Fighting the London System and The Modern English.

ISBN: 9786197188349, Paperback, 220 pages, Chess Stars


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