Attacking 101 Volume #005 - Joel Johnson



Attacking 101 Volume #005 by Joel Johnson
Fully annotated games!

A new Volume in this hugely popular series by the high priest of attacking chess, US National Master Joel Johnson. A mixture of Reader Games, Student Games, Joel Johnson Games, other Master Games, and Games from around the globe. Often, the games are not perfect, which enables mortals to learn a great deal about attacking themes and aggressive play. Many highly effective and baffling ideas to beat other amateurs with.

The goal of the books in this series (Attacking 101) is to provide detailed analysis of Joel's own attack games played against lower rated players.

The players are generally rated in the range of 1700 to 2100. They make the same errors you regularly witness in your games but here you get to see a Chess Master dissect and exploit the moves, show why they are wrong, and how to punish the opponent‘s poor play.

Paperback, 480 pages, Self-published


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