Attacking the English/Reti - Delchev & Semkov



Attacking the English/Reti by Alexander Delchev and Semko Semkov

Paperback, 236 pages

This book offers an active Black repertoire against The English Opening 1.c4, the Reti 1.Nf3, and their siblings that arise after 1.g3. The authors advocate for seizing space in the centre with ...c6 and d5, followed up by ...e4 or ...d4. They pay special attention on the ideas behind the moves, leaving the detailed coverage for the "Step by Step" sections.

Alexander Delchev is the European Grand Prix winner in 2004. He has played in many Olympiads for Bulgaria. His best Elo was 2669, current rating - 2586. Delchev is the author of The Most Flexible Sicilian, Understanding the QGA, The Safest Sicilian, The Safest Grunfeld and The Modern Reti.

Semko Semkov played for Bulgaria in one Olympiad. He is a chess journalist and theoretician. He has authored Kill K.I.D and five other books.

ISBN: 978-619-7188-09-7, Chess Stars

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