BBC: The Master Game Series 6 & 7 Box Set (4 DVDs)



BBC: The Master Game Series 6 & 7 Box Set (4 DVDs)
With Jeremy James & William Hartston

The Master Game broke new ground in the 1970s and 1980s when it established itself as the only international chess tournament played for Television. Following its launch by BBC Television in 1975, it became a firm favourite amongst chess fans and grandmasters alike. 

The list of competitors featured is a who's who of famous Grandmasters from the 1970s including Anatoly Karpov, Viktor Korchnoi, Tony Miles, Bent Larsen, Nigel Short, John Nunn, Walter Browne and many more.

Whereas computers have taken over the analysis of games in the modernage, the unique aspect that made of The Master Game so popular was the players voicing their inner thoughts and letting viewers understand their thinking on the game.

Series 6
(was filmed / broadcast in 1980-1) is a 2-DVD set and includes all 13 episodes originally broadcast in the series. The contestants for this hard fought series included: World Championship contenders Bent Larsen, Nigel Short, Svetozar Gligoric, Vlastimil Hortand Robert Byrne, plus Tony Miles, Lothar Schmid and the inimitable Jan Hein Donner.

Includes all 13 episodes from the series and features the following games:
  1. Gligorić vs Short
  2. Byrne vs Hort
  3. Miles vs Larsen
  4. Schmid vs Donner
  5. Hort vs Gligorić
  6. Short vs Byrne
  7. Donner vs Miles
  8. Larsen vs Schmid
  9. Gligorić vs Byrne
  10. Short vs Hort
  11. Larsen vs Donner
  12. Miles vs Schmid
  13. Short vs Miles
Series 7 (was filmed / broadcast in 1981-2) is a 2-DVD set that includes all 13 episodes of this hard fought series which included Andras Adorjan, Nigel Short, Walter Browne, Eric lobron, Raymond Keene, Larry Christiansen, Miguel Quinteros and Hans-Joachim Hecht. Also Included on this special edition is a bonus BBC Documentary - The Lowdown: The Master of the Game - which follows the rise to international Success of a young Matthew Sadler.

Includes all 13 episodes from the series and features the following games:
  1. Hecht vs Christiansen
  2. Adorjan vs Short (not featured, was not originally broadcast as part of series 7)
  3. Keene vs Browne
  4. Lobron vs Quinteros
  5. Christiansen vs Adorjan
  6. Short vs Hecht
  7. Browne vs Lobron
  8. Quinteros vs Keene
  9. Christiansen vs Short
  10. Hecht vs Adorjan
  11. Lobron vs Keene
  12. Quinteros vs Browne (covered in 2 episodes)
  13. Adorjan vs Lobron

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