Bishop Versus Knight Volume 1: The Eternal Battle - Boroljub Zlatanovic



Bishop Versus Knight Volume 1: The Eternal Battle
by Boroljub Zlatanovic

Endgames with bishops versus knights are one of the most frequently occurring in chess. In his first volume international master and trainer Boroljub Zlatanovic, highlighted in his usual methodological way the concepts that can be mastered with a little effort. The book shows the key elements and different themes. By identifying mistakes made by even the best players, the author indicates the need for correct endgame technique with the light pieces.

After practising his conclusions you soon will discover you are becoming a far more effective endgame player. This is Boroljub's second book, after the highly acclaimed 'Fundamental Chess Strategy in 100 Games' for Thinkers Publishing.

Paperback, 230 pages


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