Bobby Fischer Explained And some stories - Zenón Franco



Bobby Fischer Explained And some stories
by GM Zenón Franco Ocampos

This book by Zenón Franco about the games of Robert (“Bobby”) James Fischer uses the “Move-by-Move” system, which is ideal for both learning and teaching chess. The book is based on a question-and-answer format to involve the reader and is therefore ideal training material.

Bobby Fischer revolutionised chess in the twentieth century. Thanks to his dazzling career and his demands for better conditions for players, chess was popularised and was converted into a professional activity with many offshoots. Fischer’s practically single-handed struggle to overthrow Soviet domination of the world of chess is an achievement difficult to match.

To fairly experienced chessplayers, some of Fischer’s games will already be well-known, or at least familiar, but memories of many of these games are likely to be hazy, so that taking a fresh look at them, using the Move-by-Move method, is likely to be very beneficial.

As usual, Franco is keen to highlight the practical aspects of competitive chess, since we are playing, not against computers, but against human beings like ourselves, who make mistakes, like or dislike the position, get tired etc.

This is a chess book, not a biography, but it includes interesting anecdotes from Fischer’s tournaments in Argentina which will probably be new to readers.

Grandmaster Zenón Franco from Paraguay has published 36 books in seven languages. This is his first book in English for Zenonchess Ediciones.

ISBN: 978-8409342570, Paperback, 363 pages, Zenonchess Ediciones


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