Brass Staunton Chess Combination (Brass Set, Superior A Board, Fitted Box)



Brass Staunton Chess Combination (Brass Set, Superior A Board, Fitted Box)

Brass Staunton Chessmen
Our heaviest and most luxurious chess set with a fantastic level of detail. This set is truly glamorous and decadent. Supplied with two extra queens. King Height: 4 Inch / 105mm Base Diameter: 40mm King Weight: 145g Suggested Board Square size: 55mm Base: Felt

Superior A Chess Board with 55mm Squares
Black Dyed Poplar and White Erable Board with Black Dyed Poplar Edging. Both the playing face of the chessboard and the reverse are manufactured with high quality veneers and a special finish. Overall board dimensions: 550mm x 550mm x 15mm.

Deluxe Red Burl Fitted Coffer Chess Box
The Deluxe Fitted Coffer in splendid Red Burl provides the highest level of protection for your chessmen. Unlike traditional chess boxes, where the chess pieces are stacked on top of each other while not in use, the large Fitted Coffer provides each of the chess pieces their own individual storage compartment. It features brass quadrant hinges, two removable trays and a lock and key with tassel. Box Dimensions: 415 x 265 x 165mm / 16.5” x 10.5” x 6.5". Fits King Height up to: 4.4" - Including 2 Additional Queens

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