Bridge on a Shoestring - Michael Schoenborn



Bridge on a Shoestring - Michael Schoenborn
Bridge on a Shoestring by Michael Schoenborn
From Hart House to the Bermuda Bowl

Paperback, 216 pages

Most young bridge players spend their formative years experimenting with wild ideas, inventing new conventions and systems, playing crazy contracts, and discovering the magic of card play. Michael Schoenborn was no exception. This book is an entertaining account of his formative years in the bridge clubs of Toronto, and how he finally fulfilled his dream of playing in the Bermuda Bowl.

Along his journey from the university bridge club to the World championships, he meets a cast of characters worthy of Victor Mollo: the Owl, Big Bird, Eric the Half Bee, Colonel Bulldozer, Mrs Four-NoTrump, the Bambino, the Albatross, the Hummingbird, and many more. One thing separates them from Mollo's stories, however: these people were (and are) real, and their hilarious misadventures at the bridge table and away from it were real too.

Great characters, great stories, great bridge hands - what more could you want?

About the Author
Michael Schoenborn has represented Cananda several times in World Championships, having won both Canandian Team Championship and the Canandian Senior Team Championship. While he has been a prolific contributor to bridge magazines in Canada over the years, this is his first book.

Categories: Bidding | Bridge Humor | Intermediate | Advanced | Declarer Play | Defense | General Interest

ISBN 978-1-77140-012-1, Master Point press

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