Bridge with Bells and Whistles - Dufresne & Ellingsen



Bridge with Bells and Whistles - Dufresne & Ellingsen
Bridge with Bells and Whistles - Dufresne & EllingsenPaperback, 240 pagesAbout the bookThere are plenty of bridge books for serious players, and also a number of books for raw beginners. However, very little has been published for the player who has completed the Basic course and is now ready to add a few ?bells and whistles? to his or her game. This book conducts a thorough review of all the bidding ideas and concepts encountered in a Beginner course on bridge, and takes the reader beyond them, gently but firmly. The reader's ideas on bidding will be refined, and a number of useful conventions suitable for this level of player are described and recommended. The material is written by two very experienced teachers, and includes features such as end-of-chapter reviews and quizzes to help reinforce the concepts.About the authorMary Ann Dufresne (Florida) is a retired U.S. government project manager who now teaches bridge for a living. She lives in Weeki Wachee?mermaid country?with her menagerie of furry dependents.Marion Ellingsen (Florida) is a retired school teacher who couldnt resist introducing her third graders to basic bridge. She lives in Spring Hill with her husband, Art.

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