Bullet Chess: One Minute to Mate - Hikaru Nakamura and Bruce Harper



Bullet Chess: One Minute to Mate - Hikaru Nakamura and Bruce Harper

Bullet Chess by Hikaru Nakamura and Bruce Harper
One Minute to Mate

Paperback, 220 pages

US Champion Hikaru Nakamura, a legend in speed chess, and Bruce Harper have written the first book about bullet chess, the popular and fun format where players get just one minute for the entire game. Can anyone play a decent game of chess in one minute? Surprisingly, the answer is "Yes" as this unique book reveals."Bullet" chess, where each player has one minute for the entire game, has attracted thousands of followers since it was popularized on the internet more than a decade ago. The authors discuss the relationship between the position on the board and time on the clock, the techniques and dangers of "pre-moving", bullet openings, and the importance of the initiative and consistent strategy.

They also explore the psychology of bullet chess and the most common causes of tactical oversights and blunders. You will learn how to apply the principles of bullet chess to time scrambles in standard chess. Is bullet any good for your play? YES, says former US Champion Yasser Seirawan in his foreword. It teaches pattern recognition, "ideas are reinforced, helping you with your calculation during tournament play".With lots of games and fragments this book is full of instructive fun!

With a Foreword written by Yasser Seirawan

ISBN: 978-1-888690-67-5, Russell Enterprises

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