Bumblepuppy Days: The Evolution from Whist to Bridge - Julian Laderman

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Bumblepuppy Days by Julian Laderman
The Evolution from Whist to Bridge

The nineteenth century belonged to Whist, the twentieth century to Bridge - but where did Bridge come from, and why did it take over? Follow the trail as, with many detours, it winds through Duplicate Whist, Boston, Swedish Whist, Russian Whist or 'Biritch', Bridge Whist, Auction Bridge and plafond to Contract Bridge, and finally (thanks to Harold Vanderbilt) becomes essentially the game we play today.

Along the way, you'll nee the fascinating and colourful characters who popularised each game, played it, taught it, and wrote about it - Hoyle, Cavendish, Elwell, Foster, Work, Culbertson, Goren, and many, many others - and see how there writers facilitated each transition form one game to the next. You'll discover, too, how society was impacted, as attitudes changed towards gambling, leisure time and the role of women, and how traces of these early games can still be found in our everyday language.

About the Author
Julian Laderman is a mathematics professor when he is not playing bridge or writing about the game. His books include the ABTA award winners 'A Bridge to Simple Squeezes' and 'A Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play'.

ISBN: 978-1-77140-003-9, Paperback, 264 pages, Master Point Press

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