Can You Be a Positional and Tactical Chess Genius? - James Plaskett and Angus Dunnington



Can You Be a Positional and Tactical Chess Genius? by James Plaskett & Angus Dunnington

Test your tactical and positional chess skills with two quiz books with a difference!
The authors have carefully assembled an abundance of positional chess puzzles to test players of all levels. At the beginning of each chapter the puzzles are relatively easy, worth 5 points for a correct solution. However, as you move on they become more and more difficult, soon becoming worth 10 points and eventually 15. If you get stuck, do not despair as help is at hand! You can "ask a grandmaster" to obtain the guidance you need to solve the puzzles. However, use this option carefully, as it will cost you some of your hard-earned points. You can also obtain points for finding the basic idea of the solution without necessarily working out all the refinements. Either on your own or with friends, this book will provide hours of brain-teasing enjoyment.

  • Puzzles for all levels of player
  • expert help to guide you through the most troublesome problems
  • unique scoring system enables you to monitor your progress

Can You Be A Positional Chess Genius
Angus Dunnington is an experienced International Master who is renowned for his clear and positional style of play. Dunnington is also a successful chess teacher, having coached many of Britain's top junior players. His previous works include Attacking with 1.d4 and Mastering the Middlegame.

Can You Be A Tactical Chess Genius
James Plaskett is one of Britain's most talented and imaginative Grandmasters. A former British Champion, his sharp and uncompromising play has won him many admirers over the years. Plaskett is also an experienced writer; his earlier works include Sicilian Taimanov and Sicilian Grand Prix Attack (both published by Everyman).

ISBN: 9781781944486, 440 pages, paperback, Everyman Chess

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