Cartesian Cocktail Cards



Cartesian Cocktail Cards

The ultimate cocktail reference guide. All the cocktails you need to know, and how to make them, in one deck of quality playing cards.

The front of the cards show 52 cocktail recipes in a clear and simple way. In addition to the standard card values in diagonally opposite corners, each card has four sections showing:
 - Cocktail name
 - Ingredients
 - How to make it
 - What glass to use

There are also two jokers so you can add your own cocktails to the deck. 

The cards are printed on professional grade playing card stock. The plastic coating gives a superior feel and increases the durability, but it also makes the cards easy to shuffle, and fan beautifully – perfect for magic tricks, flourishes, and sleight of hand.

While the fronts of the cards are simple and informative, the backs are beautiful. 

We wanted the cards to initially look like regular playing cards, so the design takes inspiration from classic playing card design. However, if you look more closely you'll see that every element of the design is cocktail themed, and designed from scratch by Niels van Gijn from Silverless.

What does it take to make the cocktails in the deck? We looked at all the ingredients used in the 52 cocktails and put together this infographic. If you need to top up your cocktail then this is the place to look. The good news is that you don’t need many to get the cocktails flowing!

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