Chess: Beginners & Intermediate - Hugh Patterson



Chess: Beginners & Intermediate - Hugh Patterson
Chess: Beginners & Intermediate by Hugh Patterson
Openings, Strategies and Endgames

Chess is a popular and fascinating game, it’s good for the mind, and satisfying to play with others, in clubs, or alone, in travel, against a computer, or an app. This new book will take you quickly through the movement of the pieces to good opening strategies, middle game techniques, and how to either finish off or defend against your opponent. From basic principles to finishing off your opponent and everything in between.
  • How to make the best opening moves and develop your game plan
  • Effective middlegame strategies to help you gain control of the board
  • Tactics for creating solid defences and launching successful attacks
  • Expert advice on how to approach the endgame - and deliver checkmate

Foreward by Nigel Davies International Grandmaster

Spiral bound Semi-concealed binding. Easy to lie flat.: 9,000 words, 176 pages, 200 illustrations,ISBN: 9781786648082, Dimensions: 233 x 162 x 23 mm

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