CHESS Magazine - January 2011



CHESS Magazine - January 2011
CHESS Magazine - January 2011London Chess Classic Souvenir Issuepaperback, 60 pagesUKs most popular CHESS Magazine - established 1935! All the regular features of the UKs best-selling CHESS magazine plus: London Chess Classic - 20-page full colour report on the amazing London eventwhich resulted in a second triumph for Magnus Carlsen Rajko's Observations - Still on the Classic... Rajko Vujatovic with his wry,irreverent take on the great event at Olympia Off The Shelf: Books of 2010 - Sean Marsh reflects on the top chess titlesof 2010... Kasparov, Aagaard, Nunn, etc... The Multiple Whammy Part 3 - by David LeMoirSacrifices come in all shapes and sizes. Sympathy for Kramnik - Mike Hughes reflects on Vlad's big blunder against Fritz 4NCL British Team League - Andrew Greet reports on the opening weekend

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