CHESS Magazine - January 2020

Format: Printed Magazine


All the regular features of the UK's best-selling CHESS magazine and more! Regular features include: How Good is Your Chess? by GM Daniel King, Saunders on Chess, Find the Winning Moves, Never Mind the Grandmasters..., Studies, Home & Overseas News, Forthcoming Events Calendar and Book Reviews.

In this issue:
  • Editorial - Malcolm Pein on the latest developments in the game
  • 60 Seconds with...GM Mihail Marin - The leading chess writer still loves to travel to tournaments
  • How Good is Your Chess? - The Petroff remains under attack, as shown by Daniel King
  • So Near, But Yet... - Luke McShane outplayed the world no.2, and almost won
  • Monster Mash comes to Daventry - The Terafinal saw some epic battles, which Tim Wall enjoyed
  • Finland, Finland, Finland - James Essinger reports from the country where he wants to be
  • The Best of 2019 - Sean Marsh rounds up his favourite books of the past year
  • Six of the Best! - Movie buff Michael Renouf on what to watch over Christmas
  • The Christmas Quiz - Will you manage to solve our teasers over the festive period?
  • Chess for Life - BH Wood’s former opponent Eugene Salomon is still playing at 91
  • The Wily Hendriks Experience - Did you know John Henderson is a Hendrix and a Hendriks fan?
  • On the Comeback Trail - Bernard Hare enjoyed his first Scarborough Congress in many a year
  • The Kan Crushed - Carl Strugnell continues to enjoy facing the Sicilian
  • Never Mind the Grandmasters... - Carl continues to be rather annoyed by those who eat at the board
  • Find the Winning Moves - Can you do as well as the players on the Isle of Man?
  • Overseas News - Magnus Carlsen was utterly dominant at the Tata Steel Rapid
  • Home News - All the latest results and the ECF Book of the Year winner
  • This Month’s New Releases - Ben Graff very much enjoyed Jonathan Rowson’s new work
  • Saunders on Chess - John rounds up the Classic and reflects on the London Conference

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