CHESS Magazine - June 2012



CHESS Magazine - June 2012
CHESS Magazine - June 2012Boris Gelfand takes Vishy Anand to the wire in a tense rapid shoot-outMagazine, 60 pagesUK's most popular CHESS Magazine - established 1935! All the regular features of the UK's best-selling CHESS magazine plus more! World Championship: Anand-Gelfand - Hot off the press summary of the action in Moscow... two decisivegames, plus full-colour photo report. More to follow in July... Aronian - Kramnik, Zurich - An attempt to upstage the world title match? No, an opportunity fortwo title contenders to hone their match skills. They drew 3-3. 4NCL, Final Weekend - IM Simon Ansell on the end of season British Team Leaguedeciders. Wood Green win again! Greet beats Topalov! - English IM swindles former FIDE champion - and pulls off anoutrageous pun into the bargain. Has to be seen to be believed... US Championships, Saint Louis - H-Bomb Hikaru and the Kamsky Kid face off in Missouri. SteveGiddins reports on the action in the Wild West Sit on it, Petrosian! - Peter Lalic shows how you can restrain your opponent's idea evenbefore it has entered their head... prophylaxis - or mind-reading? ECF136B's View from the Trenches - The 'Unknown Soldier' returns with some thoughts ongamesmanship - and downright cheating Chess in the 1970s - John Saunders on the match that never was, satirical magazines -and Tony Miles's finest hourPlus more!*IN STOCK NOW!*

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