CHESS Magazine - May 2012



CHESS Magazine - May 2012
CHESS Magazine - May 2012Gawain Jones to play FIDE World Cup and London Chess Classic!Magazine, 60 pagesUK's most popular CHESS Magazine - established 1935! All the regular features of the UK's best-selling CHESS magazine plus more! European Championship, Plovdiv - World Cup qualifier Gawain Jones annotates while Mamedyarov fellfoul of the Draconian rule book and is out. John Saunders reports Interview: Andrey Filatov - The man behind the Moscow World Championship answersquestions put to him by CHESS editor John Saunders 4NCL, Penultimate Weekend - IM Simon Ansell on the British Team League's March matches Fall and Rise of a Chess Tourist - Mike Yeo travelled to Moscow, only to break his hip. Unlucky - but Mike's story had an extraordinarily happy ending in Slovenia... Tribute to Hugh Courtney - CHESS's much-cherished Christmas quizzer is no more. We payhomage to an all-time great contributor and a lovely man Chess in the 1970s - John Saunders with another dip in our archive, finding a less thandiplomatic Max Euwe, plus a black sheep of the British chess flock e2e4 Dublin International - Steve Giddins reports on veteran Mark Hebden's Irish success Symmetry: Lurking Dangers - Angus Dunnington warns us: a symmetrical set-up is not innocuousPlus more!*IN STOCK NOW!*

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