CHESS Magazine - November 2011



CHESS Magazine - November 2011
IN STOCK NOW!CHESS Magazine - November 2011UKs most popular CHESS MagazineMagazine, 60 pagesUKs most popular CHESS Magazine - established 1935! All the regular features of the UKs best-selling CHESS magazine plus more! Sao Paulo / Bilbao Grand Slam - The intercontinental super-tournament saw Ivanchuk dominate inBrazil, but then Magnus Carlsen took over in Spain. Sadler Wins in Oslo - Matthew Sadler is on a roll! First, Barcelona, and now Oslo. Heannotates his best game while Yochanan Afek covers the action London Classic Preview - We ask the pundits what they expect to happen next month Interview: Nigel Short - Carl Portman caught up with the English super-GM in Shropshire Kasparov - Short Blitz Match - Garry and Nigel re-enacted their 1993 title match at a faster timecontrol in Belgium. It came down to a nail-biting finish... European Club Cup, Slovenia - Irish IM Sam Collins was on the spot in Slovenia where Europe'stop club sides (and some more modest ones) slugged it out. Memorable Mishaps - Steve Giddins recalls funny things on the way to the tournamentPlus more!*IN STOCK NOW!*

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