CHESS Magazine - October 2011



CHESS Magazine - October 2011
IN STOCK NOW!CHESS Magazine - October 2011UKs most popular CHESS MagazineMagazine, 60 pagesUKs most popular CHESS Magazine - established 1935! All the regular features of the UKs best-selling CHESS magazine plus more! FIDE World Cup, Khanty-Mansiysk - Chess in the Wild West East!This year's World Cup was asentertaining as it was strong, and proved an audio-visual feast forspectators as Peter Svidler triumphed. Enjoy our in-depth coverage! Sants for the Memories! - ?Born-again? English GM Matthew Sadler annotates his excitinglast-round game from Sants against Jan Smeets. Revealing! Russian Super-Final - 'svidler on the hoof? again! Richard Palliser annotates A Tale of Two Tournaments - GM Keith Arkell annotates games from Coulsdon and Paignton Starry, Starry Knights - GM Stuart Conquest at large... he loses a laptop but, after a bit ofdigging, uncovers a 19th century chess legend The Mating Game - James Essinger is writing a novel - on love, friendship and chess! Chess in the 1960s - Our look-back takes us to Bled 1961, which was all about Mischaand Bobby... but Bisguier also played some great chess there Overseas News / Home News - A round-up of what's been happening near and far. Englishteenager Callum Kilpatrick annotates a win against a GMPlus more!*IN STOCK NOW!*

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