Chess Mazes 2 - Bruce Alberston



Chess Mazes 2 - Bruce Alberston
Chess Mazes 2 - Bruce Alberston

Paperback, 141 pages

When the first volume of Chess Mazes was released, it was an immediate hit with both chess instructors and students. It was a completely new kind of chess puzzle to help develop your chessplaying visualization skills.In Chess Mazes 2, author Bruce Alberston has created another 216 fascinating chess mazes. This book is geared for intermediate and advanced beginners. Designed to keep pace with a student's increasing development, the chapters appear in progressive order of difficulty, and form kind of a chess course in itself. As German Grandmaster Karsten Mueller observed in his introduction to the first volume, solving Chess Maze puzzles is "excellent training to avoid one-move blunders!"

ISBN: 978-1-888690-35-4, Russell Enterprises

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