Chess Opening for Juniors - Nicolay Kalinichenko

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Chess Opening for Juniors - Nicolay Kalinichenko
Chess Opening for Juniors by Nicolay Kalinichenko

The vast majority of opening guides
are written for adult readers. This
book is also devoted to the theory
but it is junior.

The structure of the book is
simple and attractive: openings are
examined using examples from actual
games, each of which is presented
in the form of a lesson with its own
name. Several such lessons form an
opening theme, and the examination
of each theme concludes with exercises.
In each opening, attention is
drawn to its characteristic tactical
and strategic ideas of combinations for independent
solution strictly corresponds to the
opening theme.

Written in clear and
easy language, the book is furnished
with a large number of diagrams. Coloured
explanatory arrows on the diagrams
and the selection of individual
pages with a colored background
make the book easier to understand.
Regular work solve two problems:
deepen the student's knowledge and
develop his tactical vision, thus improving
his skill and results.

ISBN: 9785946938044, Hardcover, 448 pages, Russian Chess House

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