Chess School Vol. 3: Manual of Chess Combinations - Alexander Mazia



Chess School 3 - More Advanced Combinations
Chess School Vol. 3: Manual of Chess Combinations - Alexander Mazia

Hardback, 192 pages

The ability to calculate variations quickly and deeply is an inherent quality of a strong chess player. The best way of Acquiring this skill is by systematic, purposeful training. From many years of experience in teaching young players and observing the successful work of trainers, it has been found that an essential training exercise for improvement in the calculation of variations is the solving of specially selected positions. The third volume in the Chess School series is geared for more advanced players. 750 positions are given, grouped by category :
  • Accurate calculation of short variations
  • Lengthy forcing calculation
  • Rational choice of candidate moves
  • Finding strong moves during calculation
  • Taking account of the opponents resources
  • Searching for unusual solutions
  • Complicated calculation
  • Solutions
The instructions are in English, Spanish, German and Russian.

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