Chess Training with Matthias Blubaum - Blubaum, Muller & Krallman



Chess Training with Matthias Blubaum: His way tot he title European Champion
by Matthias Blubaum, Karsten Muller & Matthias Krallman

GM Matthias Bluebaum describes his journey from his early youth to the European title together with his long-time coach Matthias Krallmann. The book includes Bluebaum's selected annotated games, a chapter on endgames annotated by Karsten Mueller, tactical test, tournament crosstables, opening repertoire and several other chapters, as shown in picture 2. Matthias Bluebaum, born 1997, was the second strongest German player at the time of the book's publication. He reached a rating of 2647, and in April 2022 he won. European Individual Chess Championship.

Paperback, 304 pages, JBV Chess Books

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