Chess World Championships 2 Volume Collection - James H. Gelo (Paperback)



Chess World Championships BOTH VOLUMES - Gelo
Chess World Championships 2 Volume Collection - James H. Gelo
All the Games, All with Diagrams, 1834-2004, 3d ed.

897 pages, paperback (2 Volumes)

About the Book

With six new chapters, this expanded edition contains every move (standard international algebraic notation) of every game played in world championship competition, including all official such titles since 1886 and all decisive matches by the world's leading players for the 50 years before that date. A diagram of the critical or most interesting moment accompanies every game. All games are dated, with playing locations noted. All source material discrepancies have been researched and resolved. Charts or crosstables showing overall results precede each match or tournament. A lengthy bibliography and a detailed openings index complete the work.

About the Author
Mathematician James H. Gelo of Hopkins, Minnesota, specializes in symbolic logic and set theory and works in the area of logical foundations for formal theories.

ISBN: 978-0-7864-2568-6

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