ChessBase Complete: Chess in the Digital World - Jon Edwards



ChessBase Complete: Chess in the Digital World by Jon Edwards
ChessBase Step-by-Step

There’s a general recognition among chess players at all levels that the ChessBase software application is critical for serious chess improvement, but many chess players are intimidated by the software.

Now, for the first time, former U.S. correspondence champion Jon Edwards has created real-life scenarios that focus upon why the software is so important for chess players of every class, along with clear explanations of how to use ChessBase.

The author will show you how, with ChessBase:
(1) Opening preparation is quick, comprehensive, fully- up-to-date, and effective;
(2) You can quickly locate and review important games in every opening, middlegame type, and endgame;
(3) You can instantly see what worldwide engines think about most opening and many middlegame positions;
(4) You can instantly see where you and your opponents erred;
(5) You can reliably prepare chess books for publication in print or on the web…

And much, much more! There is in fact no aspect of using ChessBase which Edwards does not cover. It is all here, and all in one volume!

Know simply that ChessBase is instrumental to every aspect of chess. This book explains how the software can help you to improve your play, your learning, your teaching, your writing, or simply your love of and enthusiasm for the game.

Jon Edwards explains all that you will need to know with concrete examples and simple instructions. After that, how strong a chess player, how good a chess teacher, how good a chess author you become is truly up to you.

NOTE: This book features ChessBase 12. The new ChessBase 13 will be available near the end of 2014. ChessBase has confirmed that the program features and interface described within this book are not expected to change.

About the Author
Jon Edwards has written more than a dozen chess books, notably including "The Chess Analyst" (Thinkers' Press, 1999) which chronicles his success in the US Correspondence Championship. "Teach Yourself Visually: Chess" (Wiley, 2006), a photographically based chess primer, and "Sacking the Citadel - The History, Theory, and Practice of the Classic Bishop Sacrifice" (Russell Enterprises, 2011). He lives with his wife in New Jersey.

ISBN: 978-1-936490-54-7, Paperback, 350 pages approx, Russell Enterprises

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