Competitive Bidding - Patty Tucker



Competitive Bidding - Patty Tucker
Competitive Bidding - Patty Tucker
Winning Bridge Conventions Series

Paperback, 208 pages

Bridge students quickly discover that basic bidding will only get them so far. To improve it is necessary to master a certain number of bidding conventions, and be prepared both to play them and to play against them. Each of the books in this series covers a number of useful conventions, explaining them carefully along with numerous examples and quizzes to help the reader understand what is being learned.

Included in this book:
  • Weak Two Bids
  • Preemptive Bidding
  • Michaels Cuebid
  • Unusual 2NT
  • Sandwich NT
  • Unusual vs. Unusual
  • Cuebidding in Competitive Auctions
  • Good/Bad 2NT
About the Author
Patty Tucker (Dunwoody, Georgia) is an ABTA Master Bridge Teacher and cofounder of Whirlwind Bridge and Atlanta Junior Bridge. Her success at the bridge table culminated in her victory in the 2000 Baldwin Flight A North American Open Pairs with long-time bridge partner Kevin Collins. Patty and Kevin were married in 2006.

Categories: Bidding | Beginner | Novice | Honors eBooks | Honors Books | Teacher Resource Material

ISBN: 978-1-55494-788-1, Master Point Press

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