Complete Defence to Queen Pawn Openings - Eric Schiller

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Complete Defence to Queen Pawn Openings - Eric Schiller
Complete Defence to Queen Pawn Openings by Eric Schiller
Take control of the opening!

Paperback, 288 pages

You'll learn every option and strategy White can throw at you, the correct plan to combat them all, and how to seize the initiative and take control of the game.

This aggressive counterattacking repertoire covers Black opening systems against virtually every opening except for 1.e4 (plus most flank games) based on the exciting and powerful Tarrasch Defense, which helped bring championships to Kasparov and Spassky. Black learns the Classical Tarrasch, Symmetrical Tarrasch, Asymmetrical Tarrasch, Marshall and Tarrasch Gambits, and Tarrasch without Nc3, to achieve early equality or even an outright advantage in the first few moves!

  • All the main lines played by grandmasters, lines seen in amateur play and the author's previously unpublished secrets
  • more than 350 diagrams showing essential positions
  • tactics and strategies for Black and White carefully explained
  • the strategic goal of every piece and important opening structures
  • move-by-move thinking of complete games and important lines from the opening positions to the final mate!
About the Author
Eric Schiller, author of more than 80 chess books, and the world's leading writer on chess openings, is widely considered one of the foremost chess analysts, writers and teachers. He is a National and Life Master, an International Arbiter of FIDE, and the official trainer for many of America's top young players.

ISBN-13: 978-0940685802, Cardoza

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