Control the Bidding - Paul Mendelson



Control the Bidding - Paul Mendelson
Control the Bidding by Paul Mendelson
The right way to secure the battleground in Bridge

Paperback, 224 pages

Winning demands control of the bidding. Before a card is played you must fight for the high ground or hustle your opponents beyond their safe level. Pro-active and fearless but not reckless, you must judge every last auction nuance and, terrier-like, destroy your opponents' communication and confidence whilst enhancing your own. Dodge their snares, resist their ploys but win the high stakes by forcing them to gamble - yourself delivering their misfortunes - and by your willingness to bet on certainty. Whether you are a masterpoint hunter at congresses or an afternoon rubber bridge player, Paul Mendelson's entertaining, thoroughly accessible and incisive text guides you, sharpens your zest and wills you to win.

About the Author
Paul Mendelson is the author of companion volumes Bridge for Complete Beginners and The Right Way to Play Bridge, the leading book for the improving player, and bridge correspondent of The Financial Times. He began by winning the National Championships and now writes and lectures worldwide.

ISBN-13: 978-0716021568, Right Way

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