CSC Primary Chess Manual: Thinking Skills by John Foley



CSC Primary Chess Manual: Thinking Skills by John Foley
CSC Primary Chess Manual: Thinking Skills by John Foley

Spiral-bound, 104 pages

Chess is an easy game to learn and play. However chess is notorious for being difficult to play well. Partly this is because it stretches the mental faculties to the limit. It is also because knowing the moves is not enough to be able to appreciate the game. Whilst it is possible to pick up the rudiments of chess from books and the internet, experience has shown that children need instruction if they are to understand the game properly. The benefits of chess can only truly be realised when it is played in a supervised learning environment.

The purpose of the Chess Teaching Guide is to provide a pedagogical framework to be able to teach chess in accordance with the CSC Primary Chess Course developed by Richard James. It is suitable for both whole class teaching and also school chess clubs. This guide is suitable for a teacher who knows the basic moves and wants some guidance on how to play. For chess tutors, it also provides an introduction to classroom teaching of chess.

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