Deadly Defence - Klinger, Izdebski and Krzemien



Deadly Defence - Klinger, Izdebski and Krzemien
Deadly Defence - Klinger, Izdebski and KrzemienPaperback, 192 pagesDEADLY DEFENCE covers every important aspect in bridge to make good bridge players into excellent defenders. It deals with opening leads (how to convey maximum information), defensive play when playing second hand, third hand and also when you are first to play to a trick, how to use signals more effectively and how to think on defence like an expert.DEADLY DEFENCE is the most interesting book on defence that I have ever read - quoted by Julian Klukowski (World Seniors Championship 2006 gold medallist)This is the most important book on defence in bridge to be published for nearly half a century and will be essential reading for all serious bridge players.

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