Delchev's Practical Opening Repertoire Volume 1 - Aleksander Delchev



Delchev's Practical Opening Repertoire Volume 1 by Aleksander Delchev
The Scandinavian, Pirc & Modern Defenses

Books can hardly be useful in this regard because modern books on openings, regardless of the level of the author, are very standard and straightforward. The title of this book claims to answer this question. Your author will then back up his claim with proof in the form of analysis from a strong engine. You are then left to decide whether or not to include these ideas in your opening repertoire.

What is missing is some sort of guidance and advice relating to what sorts of tour­naments and against what sorts of players this idea should be employed. Moreover, every one of you has likely noticed that even the best opening idea still has a rela­tively short life span and can hardly be used in more than a few games. So far I have published about 10 books on openings and for me it is not a problem to publish another 10 or even more. However, in the modern era I believe the lifespan of an opening book is incredibly short as new games are constantly being played and new ideas are being found. 1 feel it would be much more useful to you if I uncover a new approach to opening preparation, which will be more long-lasting and will improve your play as well.

The method of opening preparation I have used throughout my entire chess-playing career {1997 – 2018) allowed me, with relatively little effort, to be unpredictable the re by winning the psychological battle of the opening. Luring my opponents into prepared opening tricks and traps was great fun!

In the method which I will introduce you to in this book, the first and most im­portant aspect is adapting your approach to each individual opponent and perfect prediction of the opponent’s opening choice, to the smallest details.

  • The openings presented in this book are the Scandinavian, Pirc and Modern.
  • We presented the material in complete games rather than just publishing my own analysis for the following reasons. While you are studying the opening you will be able to familiarize yourself with the history of the variation, developed by the best players of every generation, and we see their contribution to modern chess theory: Fischer, Spassky, Tak, Botvinnik, Petrosian, Korchnoi and many other chess legends.
  • You will see in practice how to realize an opening advantage, rather than just see +=or+- at the end of the variation and be left wondering why.
  • Every game shows typical methods of attack in the given opening: sacrifice of a pawn for the initiative, attack with opposite-side-castling, attacking plans in specific pawn structures which are frequently seen in this opening variation.
  • Every chapter begins with the general ideas of the opening and concludes with a selection of 30 combinations for you to solve which are typical for the corresponding opening.
  • This book is appropriate for players of any level. Anyone can extract the maximum practical use from this book and have fun at the same time.


ISBN: 9789464787528, Hardback, 314 pages, Thinkers Publishing

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