Dragon Masters: Volume 1 – Andrew Burnett



DragonMasters: Volume 1 by Andrew Burnett
The life and times of the fiercest opening in chess

DragonMasters: Volume 1 charts the history of the most exciting and dangerous opening known to chess - the Dragon Variation of the Sicilian Defence. Unlike almost all other books on the Dragon, the focus is not purely on theoretical development. Instead, the author has combined the most historically important games, the famous players who chose to fight either side (sometimes both sides!) of the opening, and the most unexpected and interesting stories featuring the Dragon.

World Champions, contenders of the crown, code-breakers, revolutionaries in every sense of the world - all feature in this remarkable and entirely unique look into the history of an opening variation. as the ancient may say: Here be Dragons!

Hardback | Pages: 404 | Thinkers Publishing

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