Duplicate Bridge at Home - Horton/Gitelman



Duplicate Bridge at Home - Horton/Gitelman
Duplicate Bridge at Home - Horton & Gitelman. Do you like playing bridge with friends, but hate it when they get all the cards? Relax! Your troubles are over. Using this book, you can play your own one-table duplicate game at home, and eliminate the luck of the deal completely. Youll compare your score with what others have done on exactly the same cards in online competition.Everything you need to play (except the cards!) is included here: 120 predealt hands, scorecards, scoring tables for both matchpoints and IMPs, guide cards, and even an expert commentary that explains how the bidding and play ought to go.Playing duplicate bridge at home has these advantages: * Eliminate the luck of the deal - what matters is how you and your partner bid and play with the same cards as everyone else who has played the same deal. * Compare scores with players of all levels who have played the same deal on Bridge Base Online. * Score your game using either matchpoints or IMPs, and get your score immediately after each deal if you wish. * Read the commentary on each deal by BRIDGE Magazine editor Mark Horton and compare your own bidding and play. * Play as many or as few deals as you want - at your own pace.Youll find it quick and easy to set up your home game. Duplicate Bridge at Home will provide you with many hours of fun and enjoyment as you play a real bridge competition in the comfort of your own home.About the Author>Fred Gitelman is a Canadian who now lives in Las Vegas. A multiple world championship medalist, he is one of the worlds foremost bridge software designers and the creator of Bridge Base Online, the most popular site for playing and watching bridge on the Internet.Mark Horton lives in London, England where he is the editor of BRIDGE Magazine. He is a well-known international bridge journalist and player, with numerous books to his credit.

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