Foxy 136: The Sniper! Vol 1 - Ron W. Henley



Foxy 136: The Sniper! Vol 1 - Ron W. Henley
Foxy 136: The Sniper A Dynamic Universal System for the Aggressive Black Player Vol 1 - Ron W. HenleyRunning time: 3 hours and 25 minutesThe Sniper is a dynamic and universal opening system that fills in the gaps for the Black player who plays the Accelerated Dragon, the Dzindzi Indian or the other Black Fianchetto defences.Black's system of development with 1...g6 and 2...Bg7 allows White to occupy the center, but in true Sniper Modern style, Black strikes back with an early c5. The Sniper can lead to many original or barely touched upon positions in which Black has very good theoretical chances, but even better practical chances as your opponent will be on unfamiliar turf.The Sniper is also very rich in potential transpositions into favourable Sicilian, Dzindzi Indian, King's Indian or Benko Gambit type positions.Grandmaster Ron W. Henley has spent years playing 1...g6 systems and with The Sniper has now bridged the gap between the Accelerated Dragon and his beloved Dzindzi Indian.In The Sniper DVDs he will show you how to play and his own personal recommendations against each of White's major third move alternatives, as well as special antidotes to the Maroczy Bind and English. A counter attacking repertoire versus 1. e4 or 1. d4 Sniper Plans and TacticsSniper HeroesSniper Transpositions

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