Foxy 189: Learn the White Lion in 1 Hour - Andrew Martin (DVD)



Foxy 189: Learn the White Lion in 1 Hour by IM Andrew Martin (DVD)
A White repertoire for the tournament player

Easy to learn and extremely hard to beat. Similar to the Black Lion 1.d6 and the Philidor setup except with an extra move. Play this setup against all of Black openings replies. Very flexible castle on either side or leave your king safely in the middle. White setup is solid with several easy to learn plans to attack Black.

The White Lion is great for any player who wants to get familiar positions right out of the opening. A flexible move order of 1.c3 2.d3 & 3.Nf3 (which are interchangeable) will add to Blacks confusion on how to meet this very solid and time cheating opening. The DVD includes a great game by a 2700 rated player losing to a player 500 points lower than him.

The DVD also includes instructional games that offer White the option of castling on either side of the board or just keeping your King safely in the center. White plays almost without theory, avoiding sharp, tactical lines and turns the game into a battle of patience and will power. Depending on your style of play, White has 2 choices.. a quicker aggressive setup as well as a slower positional one. Both choices will leave your opponent out of book.

It is now possible to get good positions for White, without having to burn the midnight oil! 

Running time, 1 hour 20 minutes

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