Foxy 2: a6 Slav - Plaskett (85 mins)



Foxy 2: a6 Slav - Plaskett (85 mins)
The ...a6 Slav may be a relative newcomer to the world scene but Shirov, Anand and Sokolov have already refined it into a vicious weapon. In this video GM James Plaskett unveils a host of fiendish but subtle ideas to derail your opponents. A little move with a sting in the tail!Part 1: 5.e3 Part 2: 5.g3 Part 3: 5.c5 Part 4: 5.Bg5 Part 5: 5.Qb3 Part 6: 5.a4 Part 7: 5.cxd5 Part 8: 5.Ne5

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