Foxy 30: Kopec Anti-Sicilian System - Kopec (150 mins)



Foxy 30: Kopec Anti-Sicilian System - Kopec (150 mins)
Running time (150 minutes / 2.5 hours)

A repertoire for White.

You are about to enter a completely different world - the world of the Kopec Systems.

IM Dr. Danny Kopec presents his original system which is deadly against all Sicilian set-ups.
Fundamentally sound, it packs a venomous punch. With the Kopec System, you can spring virtually unknown theoretical gems on your unsuspecting opponents!
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 & followed by 3.Bd3

Part 1: Black tries a Dragon set-up with ...g6
Part 2: Black tries a Russian set-up with ...g6 and ...e5
Part 3: Black tries a Ruy Lopez set-up with ...e5
Part 4: Black tries a French set-up with ...e6 and ...d5
Part 5: Black tries Hybrid Structures

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