Fritz & Chesster: Learn to Play Chess Part 2 (CD-ROM)



Fritz & Chesster: Learn to Play Chess Part 2 (CD-ROM)
Chess in the Black Castle!

Jump into chess action, move by move, to rescue Chesster from deep within King Black's castle. Join Fritz and Bianca in a thrilling chess adventure as they enter rooms of the castle, where each challenge will help you sharpen skills and prepare for the ultimate showdown.
  • Part two of the famous chess game 'Learn to play Chess with Fritz &Chesster'
  • Powered by Fritz, the world's leading chess software
  • Learn about tactics and strategy, the opening and endgame
  • Developed together with experienced children's chess coaches
For ages 8 and up

System requirements: Multimedia PC: Pentium II 233 processor, 32 mb ram (16 mb free momory), 16 bit soundblaster compatible sound card, 16x speed CD-Rom Drive, Graphics card 800 x 600 (16 bit color), Win 98/ME/XP/Vista/7

EAN: 9783898353380, Chessbase & Terzio

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