Golden Rules of Declarer Play - Pottage/Smith



Golden Rules of Declarer Play - Pottage/Smith
Who needs rules on how to play as declarer? Given that many rely on card sense (and analytical skills) for such a purpose, this seems a fair question to ask. The truth is that the instincts people have come to depend upon were often honed from a few basic guidelines. You may well agree that any type of new learning sinks in best when you get the whys and wherefores at the same time. This book provides precisely that information and also explains when you should not follow the rules. You will find all the rules you would expect, both those of general use and those specific to suit contracts. By assuming only a minimum of knowledge to illustrate them, the authors have brought the subject within the reach of many players. The running order for the chapters and cases within them takes a logical sequence, and by placing the slightly trickier topics towards the end, the book breaks you in gently.

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